About Us

مدیرعامل کنوود سرویس، مهندس محمد عتیق

CEO : Mohammad Atigh

Kenwood Service was established by Mr. ATIGH  in 2011  as one of the most renowned repairing centers for .Kenwood home appliances with a completely different and independent structure. Diversification in Kenwood’s products in Iran and the increased demand for services by customers, the Kenwood Service Group, which has always committed itself to providing its services for the repair of its home appliances in the most ideal way.

This division is divided into two subsets of large electrical appliances (group A) and small

appliances (group B)

Kenwood Services is divided into two sections A and B: Group A: Includes repair of refrigerator

freezer, washing machine and dishwasher.

Group B: Includes repairs of a variety of. microwaves, vacuum cleaners. kettle. mixers and other kitchen appliances Kenwood service Goals.

Kenwood Service is a top-ranked customer-centric appliance repair center in Tehran, which is committed to providing the best service. Use of Fabric Spare Parts for Kenwood Customers.

Senior Services Priorities

1 Identification and use of modern day technology in order to provide superior services

2. Upgrading the level of knowledge and technical skills of the personnel

3- Providing improved customer satisfaction through quality control systems

4- Provide fast and accurate services

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